Behold, I am going to send an
angel before you to guard you
along the way and to bring you
into the place which I have
               Exodus 23, verse 20
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Image of the Twin towers of Jeanneret 24 and 26 at Le Locle

True News TV - Eternal Army TV - News online channel

Video clips reporting news about The Force and Supremacy of The Eternal God Armies 

1) New exclusive report about the Eternal God of armies angels fighting a NWO's helicopter to protect an innocent

The latest report from True News TV / Eternal army TV give the latest news about the angels of The Eternal God of armies.

It show especially, through true very amazing images, angels of The Lord diverting a NWO helicopter of the satanic Swiss army that was tried to kill an innocent citizen to make him shut down! But the angels diverted the helicopter and still protected in the same time the innocent target from the armed helicopter as well from the federal swiss police (Tigris) based on the ground that had for mission to shot the innocent swiss citizen to put him into silence!

Switzerland have really well hidden its game... It is the "beast" (as its flag show that so well (The cross are in fact a deployed cube as the 666 beast is)) and it is one of the most satanic country around the world, as well it have the best NAZI SS government collaboration state, and it have melded the jewish gold that have been killed in the nazi germany in the last WW2 war! Switzerland is now the headquarters of the former NWO government, and it make all swiss citizen shut down by killing them, him or her if necessary and they use for that all possibilities and opportunities, as well its army to do it!!!!!



Posted on March 11, 2018

2) The Great Michael Arch Angel's angels legion operating in the Swiss sky

This is our first reportage video containing some exclusive and very amazing views of angels operating and fighting demons in the sky and also in other places. They can still be see easily now, especially in the sky in the top of our HQ, located in the highly threatened and still yet bombed by the swiss corpses south one tower of the swiss twin towers standing in le Locle Valley, in the Newscastle canton (state), in Switzerland. These beautifull angels are in place in a very particular site, probably the more hidden one secret place, that was hidden by all the secrets societies, as the rosi-crucians, the local freemason, the vatican, and so many others : It is not less that the more holiest place around all the world, probably the most one, the Holy Trinity Sanctuary, and/or the Holy Virgin Mary Madeleine and Her Abbey of Holy Mary of the fountains, the Eternal God House, and/or The Jesus Sanctuary.... All of these look to have been burned and looted by the local administration, by the reformed, the darbyst, the evangelic and the protestant church, by the templars, the freemason lodges (like lilith, aristote, ...) and by the swiss government itself for their own benefit and to provide to their corporations extra incomes. These angels are also protecting us very well against all the dangers, especially from the swiss criminal states, its satanic and criminal nazi police, fedpol, tigris, dard and others, and its satanic and highly criminal "army", that is by the way now pratically fully decimated, after to have attempted, in so many operations, at day and but also mostly at night, using armed EC365 helicopter in full darkness (without any light), to try to kill myself to make me shut down.
By the way, the same swiss "army" also did same before, as example to take fully part to the murder of the Doctor Luc Jeanneret, in May 2015, during the ascension "christian" celebrations days, during one of the scariest of all freemason satanic antichrist ritual (tetramorph) during which they have probably sacrificed the doctor Luc Jeanneret to Moloch (by analogy with the holy doctor Luc, the evangelist, and in place to sacrifice a veal to God, they have sacrificed an human, in this case Luc, to their golden veal (Moloch)), with the passive or often active complicity of the most part of local and of all the swiss population ! This scary crime was reported by all, especially by the conspiracy media (SS collabo), as wrong as a suicide (self-mord) and was also committed and dissimulated by the swiss and newcastle police itself. Furthermore, the newscastle police department chief, alias Olivier Guéniat, was found dead himself too, not more late that in the last spring (year 2017) !

Hope you will enjoy these beautifull angels and archangels video movie and film.

This video was produced by Tite servant (my youtube channel is now fully boycotted by youtube/google) and his Lord and his Savior for ever Jesus-Christ (EATVI/HGV).

Posted on October 20, 2017.

Updated news from October 31, 2017.

Our EAIS HQ have confirmed yesterday, the October 30, 2017, that these angels/archangels you seen in this video, are in fact not less than Angels and Archangels elit forces, commanded by the Capitain/Colonnel/General of The Eternal Army Forces, alias the famous MichaëlAngel (MichelAnge) !

You can ask to the swiss army air "forces" (flight 11). They are not ready to forget it. The swiss air army "forces" is now apparently decimated.

The MicahelAngel elit forces is the more best and stronger one in all the universe, and They was never attacked the swiss army, but fighted the swiss army to defense me, and because the swiss army, as well fedpol, tigris and others tried to kill me so many times in the last years, to make me shut down about the swiss criminal and terrorist actions, that I try to denounce and to tell around all the world for about 3 years  !!!


3) The Michael Archangel's legion routing an helicopter and the police of the NWO army and still protecting the target !

On the night of the September 18, 2017, angels from the Michaël Arch Angel legion saved me against an assault perpetrated against me to try to kill me again.

That is not the first time that the evil satanic forces, as the swiss forces /army, police, etc ...) belong, try to kill me, in the goal to make me shut down about the truth I tell around the world !

And the Powerfully Eternal God's Army is REAL, and thank to My lover God, and thank to my friend and my Savior YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH Whom is always with me, I am still ALIVE, my spirit is still healthy, as well my soul is saved ! :-). Thank you MY LOVER GOD !

Posted on December 21, 2017

Psalm 34 verse 8 : The Lord's Angel

Holy-Bible verses : Psalms, chapter 83

Psalm 83 verses 11, 12 and 13 : God's salvation and protection
Psalm 83 verse 18 : God is The Stronger One

4) The Swiss army air forces fully decimated by the Eternal Lord of The armies (God) !!! Watch our news video clip :

For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against

your enemies to give you victory.

Holy-Bible, Deuteronomy, chapter 20, verse 4

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