Behold, I am going to send an
angel before you to guard you
along the way and to bring you
into the place which I have
               Exodus 23, verse 20
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Image of the Twin towers of Jeanneret 24 and 26 at Le Locle

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Reports about The Devil's House and the Lord of the Darkness

The "Lord" of The Darkness in Him Devil's House

Exclusive live footage of the "Lord" of the Darkness caught in tape in It's Devil's House in Le Locle. This video also show rare live footage of paranormal activities that happen in the Devil's House in straight relationship with the Devil's presence in this Villa!

Posted on June 7,2018



The Eternal Army Intelligence Services just confirmed us the true location of the house of the Lord of the Darkness, also called the Devil Anti-christ.

To confirm this information, the EAIS told us that it is in this small Swiss locality of the mountains Neuchâteloises that we also find the True Door of the Hell, as well The Satan's synagogue, that was put in place, in the goal to open the Hell's gate !!!

This occult conspiracy, the Devil's House with the 2 Twin Towers (pilars), is "working", as told before, as a satanic temple to extract the demons from the Hell and was indeed elaborated by the freemasonics secret societies on a very old Holy Place. All that was also hidden for a long time by all the same secret societies, like the NWO's elite, as well the rosicrucians secret societies, the Vatican, and many more evil societies !

Additional information should be soon communicated to us and we will take you informed about news events or further information quickly in this channel.

Remain connected to EATVI / HGV, your new news channel, in live from the south tower of the swiss Twin Towers (The Hell's gate).